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Technology help,
if the staff can't do everything.

We help guide technology projects. We have both design and implementation experience in software, electronics, physics, and mechanical design. This article explains part of what is needed:

Technology project leaders must have
design and implementation experience.

(PDF, June 25, 2012)

We will always recommend the least expensive solution, even if that minimizes our involvement. No one can know everything about technology, of course. If we don't know enough to be useful, we will tell you, and possibly recommend other consultants.

Technologists also need the qualities of a leader. This article explores the many qualities needed in a technology leader other than understanding of technology:

Necessary qualities of technology leaders
(PDF, June 25, 2012)

An understanding of technology is not enough. Technology leaders need loyalty to their team. They need considerable social ability, including the ability to resolve conflicts that have social components. They must be excellent communicators.

Example of failure in technology leadership:
Documentary about the Fukushima disaster

Those who write about technology often do not fully understand technical issues. The article analyzes a documentary from an otherwise respected source that gives viewers very misleading impressions.

Reports about technology
often contain misleading information.

(PDF, June 25, 2012)

Example of technology leadership failure
at the U.S. Department of Energy

Analysis of social and psychological factors often gives the first indication of the quality of management. This article demonstrates one example.

Example of efficient evaluation of management:
Letter of U.S. Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman,
re-written for clarity

(PDF, June 24, 2012. The letter is from
2008, during the Bush Administration.)

Separating explanation from policy-making
can help simplify the politics of technology.

Futurepower can help make technological issues far more understandable for the average person, while making it obvious that we are explaining only, and have no power to choose policy, or any interest in having that power.

Separating explanation from policy-making insulates political leaders from contentious issues. Intense debates can reach conclusions before a political leader expresses an opinion or designs a policy.

Futurepower Technology Consulting is especially skilled at discovering underlying conflicts and writing about them in a way anyone can understand. When conflicts stay hidden they delay the resolution of issues, sometimes for many years.

Voters demand that they decide. Experience has shown that voters want to decide energy policy themselves. Citizens must live with their choices, so it makes sense that they should decide.

Attempts by single-issue groups to push policy in a particular direction have slowed full resolution of the issues. Each group hopes it will get an advantage, but the result has generally been delays in necessary action.

More: There are other methods of solving the political problems created by the communication habits of scientists, the decades of poor education of voters about energy, and the need to have decision-makers be scientifically knowledgeable. Contact us.

Futurepower: Our registered trademark and service mark, the invented word “Futurepower”, was chosen to signify the power of combining an understanding of technology and sociology, long before discussions of energy supply were common.

We help supply accurate technical information and technical management. We have no connection with any lobbying group or government.