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Technology support as you need it.

Sometimes your staff can't do everything. We help where and when you need it. We also provide training for your staff to minimize the need for outside help.

Comprehensive analysis lowers business risk. We can help you analyze every element of your project, with an emphasis on technology. Our independent second opinion complements your own business, technical, and financial analyses.

Effective communication helps make companies strong. Excellent communication teaches prospective customers about your company, lessening the personal effort, and also guides the staff, making operations more coordinated.

Both inside and outside a company, insufficient communication weakens an organization. Often advertisements for technical products lack power because they are too generic.

Futurepower can help when the required breadth and depth of communication is temporarily more than your staff can provide. We can help write, format, and present your print, web site, and email projects. Once you have powerful, effective communication, it is easy to maintain.

Social issues affect technological projects. Perhaps surprisingly, often the risk in technological projects comes from social shortcomings rather than technological problems. We help you consider all the factors together that affect success: technology, business management, and sociology. We have found that understanding how people interact is often the quickest way to begin assessing the health of a project, and often the quickest way to learn how to make improvements.

Business is global. Increasingly, business is global. We help provide truly multi-cultural understanding for the U.S., Brazilian, French, South Korean, and some of the Spanish-speaking cultures.

Fluid thinking brings technological insight. The most creative and insightful people are not necessarily those who know the most details or who seem most certain. The most capable and helpful people are often those who have experience with technology, mental flexibility, awareness of and respect for what they don't know, and willingness to learn. We provide quick, accurate results partly by adapting quickly to new information.

We are especially trustworthy.  The value of our help is not only in how we evaluate issues connected with technology, but also in how we run our own business. We do business in an honest and legal manner, and accept only clients who have the same excellent business principles.

We're creative in minimizing your cost. Also, if there is some area where we can't help, we will tell you immediately.


Computer software and hardware  Programming. Specifying and delivering hardware.
Electronics  Design experience. Before beginning consulting, repaired automatic flight control and inertial guidance systems of military aircraft.
Physics  Research lab.
Advertising copywriting  For technically-oriented ad agencies.
Sociology  Technology is heavily dependent on how people interact. We've spent many years studying the fact that technology efforts fail as often because of sociology as because of technology mistakes.
Multi-cultural  Expertise in the Brazilian and French cultures. Experience in the English, Thai, Canadian, New Zealand, Tahitian, and some of the Spanish-speaking cultures.
Graphic design  We do expert graphic design in our office and through associates.

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We choose those with whom we have a relationship carefully, and then are responsive, responsible, and loyal.

Rapid advances create numerous opportunities. Rapid advances in technology create numerous excellent technological opportunities and many challenges.